I was going to wait til next week to post this, but I just found out that Style Me Pretty featured this today!  I’m excited to be part of Popisme‘s debut.  Thank you to Style Me Pretty for doing a cover feature on our shoot!  Popisme is a dessert concierge company, designing custom dessert tables for events.  I love how I get to feast with my eyes first before indulging in the sugary goodness.  Their displays are designed to have a 360 degree display to it – no front, no back.  Guests gets to walk into this dessert heaven to indulge.

All of the sweets from this display is by Mendy Pound of Cakes by the Pound.  They not only look amazing, they taste amazing too!  I literally threw a bunch of the lemon meringue in my purse at the end of the shoot.  yum!

I love how all the desserts floated!

The coconut donuts above were also fantastic!

And I also love the whimsical cake!   Everything tasted as heavenly as they look!

White chocolate malted shakes?  Yes, please!

A dessert bar like this is guaranteed to wow your guest and leave them with a great last impression of your event!  Contact Popisme for more info on how to get a fantastic dessert bar like this at your event!

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  1. Uh, I tried to take a bite out of my screen. Yes, Caroline, your photos are that good. Please avoid taking photos of chocolate as I may not be able to resist next time.