Even though I didn’t meet Miriam and Eric until the day of our shoot, it felt as if I’ve known them for years.  That’s the chemistry that I encourage all my potential clients to seek in their photographer… even if that means to hire someone other than me.  It may sound crazy… like I may be leading them to someone else.  The way I see it, I want to form lifelong relationships… even friendships.  I can only take so many clients a year… I end up turning away more than I can take, so why not take clients who I have a natural connection with and will keep in touch with me for years to come, right?  Then it’s like shooting my friends all year long!  And to be completely fair to the couple, I only want them to hire me if they see me as the right photographer for them too.  So my tip for all who are searching for a photographer, find someone you connect with because the comfort (and fun you have with your photographer) will reflect in your photos.  And to all photographers (anyone in the creative industry actually), if you stay true to yourself and your style, you should never have to “sell” yourself – the people who are drawn to you and your work will be the right kind of clients for you.  This was something I came to accept early on in my career and it really liberated me from feeling like I had to please everyone or do every new trend.  This session is just a personal reminder to me how fortunate I am to have couples who are so open and willing to welcome me into their lives.  Here’s a glimpse into their cute & playful relationship: I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic of chemistry and finding the “right fit” from both sides of the table.

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  1. omg! i love caroline tran! i’ve been following her stuff for years. your photos look amazing, miriam. i’m hoping to book her too…someday ;)


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