i can’t believe how fast they grow!  he was just 11 days old here.  he’s now approaching 4 weeks and has already changed so much!  i just shot another 2 rolls of film of him this morning.  can’t wait to share!  on a practical note regarding shooting your own child, the first week was HARD.  i cried.  i usually shoot newborns at the end of one week but i couldn’t do it with my own.  i was still in too much pain and it’s hard to do it all yourself.  into week two was when i was feeling good enough to photograph him.  week 3 is when i suddenly felt MUCH better; however, it’s also when he had a sudden growth spurt.  to me, he grew overnight.

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  1. I cried, too. With my first born! I asked myself many times how am I going to take care of this baby. and now she is 4 and is the best daughter.. You do your best! We are here if you need to vent and worry because all in the end you give them love and they love you back!

  2. I almost felt the same way. I shot my Dec. 24 baby with a friend the first week in pain. The second week, I felt better but being the mommy and photographer was not easy!! Congrats on your new baby, aka, always available model. :)

  3. Cameron sure is gonna get a lot of tummy time with you photographing him like this! Ugh, the thought of coordinating a newborn shoot after childbirth sounds daunting. Love the pics, so thanks for the sacrifice! Haha


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