Whether you’ve had your dream wedding dress sketched out in minute detail since you were a kid or you’re just now wondering how to find your wedding dress style, the process of finding the perfect dress can be quite the adventure! In addition to determining what your budget is, the most important first step in the process of finding your perfect wedding dress is to figure out what your wedding dress style is. 

You will want to do some soul-searching about your personal style and of course, take into consideration what kind of wedding you envision having (e.g., carefree and beachy vs. formal and classy). However, given my own experience and what I’ve seen other brides go through, my big piece of advice for how to find your wedding dress style is to go into it with an open mind! My own journey to finding my wedding dress is exhibit A for the benefits of keeping your options open. A close friend of mine was planning for her wedding at the same time as me, so we decided to go wedding dress shopping together. We each set out with a very clear idea of what we both wanted in terms of style—I wanted a poufy ballgown while she wanted something elegant and lacy—but at the end of the day, we left with the other one’s original choice! It turns out, sometimes the image we have in our heads doesn’t translate so well when we take our body type into consideration. In general, experienced bridal consultants know what they’re doing, so be open to their suggestions and you might surprise yourself! 

Having photographed countless weddings throughout the years, I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful dresses. Come down memory lane with me and maybe you’ll be inspired as we admire some of my favorite dresses in a few common wedding dress styles:

  • Classic

If you visualize a wedding in which everyone is in their black-tie best and everything is done with understated elegance, a classic wedding dress style may be your best bet. Look for wedding dresses in an A-line or ball gown silhouette with details like lace and beading. With a classic wedding dress, you won’t run the risk of cringing at your fashion choices when looking back at your wedding pictures decades from now.  However, classic doesn’t have to mean boring or predictable—check out the surprise in the back of the bride’s dress in this French themed wedding at Calamigos Ranch

  • Modern

For the bride who wants to keep things sophisticated and avoid anything that might be seen as frivolous, a modern style wedding dress would fit the bill. Modern dresses tend to have clean lines, sculptural details, and smooth fabrics like crepe or satin. See more stunning modern wedding dresses in action in my posts on a New York wedding at Loft 620 and a Greystone Mansion wedding.

  • Bohemian

If you envision your wedding to have a fun, carefree vibe and want to stay away from anything feeling too buttoned up, then a bohemian wedding dress style might be for you. A boho style allows you to think outside the box, so if there’s a specific detail you want included, you could totally go for it! That being said, bohemian style wedding dresses usually have a lot of movement and exude a feeling of effortless cool. This style would be the perfect choice if you’re thinking of having a beach wedding. Check out my romantic garden inspiration with Claire Pettibone photoshoot and an intimate wedding in Los Angeles to see more of one of my favorite boho style Galia Lahav dresses.

  • Glamorous

I would bet that there are a good number of us who would not turn down an opportunity to get glammed up like a celebrity about to go on the red carpet. And for most of us, our wedding day might be the closest we get to that experience, so why not go for it? A glam style wedding dress is all about drama—through details, silhouette, and that confidence you’ll have wearing it. You’ll be the center of attention on your wedding day regardless, so why not live it up and let your inner star shine? To see the epitome of a glam wedding, check out this classy Beverly Hills Hotel wedding

I hope this served as a bit of inspiration for you in the journey to find your wedding dress style, and perhaps even gave you some ideas for how you might want your wedding to look. I’d love to connect with you to discuss how we can make your wedding dreams come true!

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