Get your tissues ready before diving into this Los Angeles baby first birthday photo and video shoot! Baby Raiden’s parents saw a family narrative video that I produced and wanted to have one of their own to commemorate his first year. And what a first year it was! 

Raiden was born during the height of the pandemic, and while it was a challenging time for everyone, there was a whole new layer of worry and change for new parents. The newborn stage is such a vulnerable time for babies and their families, and to have to miss out on the in-person support of your friends and family while worrying about a scary new disease is rough, to say the least. However, a new baby also brings so much joy and hope, and as we see in the video, Raiden’s family made the most of their situation and found many silver linings! They got to have slower mornings and spend the bulk of their days together—what a blessing it was to not miss any of the milestones and cherish all those sweet moments of a baby’s first year at home!

Due to quarantine restrictions, we missed the opportunity to shoot his newborn photos, but were able to safely do a 6 month photo shoot. For a first year that was so exceptional, a video was the best medium to capture all the sentiments that Raiden’s parents wanted to remember about this time. What a gift for Raiden to be able to watch this video when he’s older and catch a glimpse of this unique time and see how much of a blessing he was to his family.

Pandemic or not, a baby’s first year is full of so many sweet moments that are absolutely worth documenting. I’d love to work with you to create some beautiful first birthday photos and video to preserve your family’s memories—check out my Baby’s First Year package and let’s get in touch

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