In the spirit of this past Valentine’s weekend, I thought I would spice it up around here.  I haven’t share any boudoir sessions in a while, so I was ecstatic when she allowed me to share these photos from her session!  She gave these to her fiance as his Valentine’s Day gift.  Lucky guy!  I always say this and I’ll say it again, but as great of a gift these make for others, it’s ultimately a gift for yourself.  When I did mine, I had never appreciated myself more than I did at that moment.   I felt empowered and it was all about having fun and just embracing myself for who I am.  Okay, enough talking.  Let me give you a little peak into our shoot…




boudoir photo

I love the pink ruffles!



And a tiny sneak peak of our bubble bath:


And another of my favorites!


Thanks for a fun afternoon together!  Loved hanging out.  You’re really so beautiful inside & out!

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  1. WOW!!! What a gorgeous, gorgeous session. Incredibly hot! The first shot is sensational. You did an amazing job Caroline, but you certainly had a lot to work with. What a lucky guy to receive these photos – I’m so glad your client allowed you to share them with us. Such inspiration! And I agree with Leeann (above) about the light and airy quality you gave the photos. Sometimes boudoir sessions can be incredibly moody and dramatic, but these are very fresh and sexy. Congratulations!

  2. These are gorgeous, Caroline! Beautiful beautiful photos! Well done again!
    Got me thinking about doing one in the future now as a gift for Scottie ;) …you’d be the only one I feel comfortable with!

  3. I love the light and airy quality you gave to this boudoir session. There’s something about it that’s still sexy, but it’s a great fine line that you walked. Well done!

    – Leeann

  4. Wow, she is superbly stunning in these photos! That’s a really great surprise gift for your significant other, I totally want to do one someday… =)


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