These two are getting married in a week and a half in SF.  I’m so excited!  I still remember meeting these two in my office last year.  Their plans were just coming together and I got to hear all about their ideas.  It’s so cool to see them through the decision making process – what color linens, what color uplights, what kind of flowers, etc.  When I see the wedding all come together, it means that much more to me because I saw them through the planning journey.  As I anticipate their wedding, I thought it’d be a good time to share a glimpse of their engagement session.


I was just telling my husband this last night, but a guy serenading is about the hottest thing in my books.  haha.




I would be all giggly like her too if a guy were to serenade me!  *hint hint Jonathan*





The next center photo cracks me up.  We were done with our shoot and walking to our cars.  I turn around and see the following and just had to take a photo.  It’s just way too cute!


And I just love this final image.  Wouldn’t it be great at the end of a slide show on a big screen?  It’s so… in your face!  lol.


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  1. haha I gotta “hint” Jonathan the next time I see him :) don’t forget to try the lychee ice cream when you’re in SF ! they have rose flavor too. I miss those ice creams, eat some for me :)

  2. Great job as always! love your style. I check your blog at lunch everyday. If you post something new, it’s the best part of my break…well, except the food:)

  3. Hi Caroline,

    Where was the location of this shoot? Was it at Malibu Creek? I noticed that this location was used a few times and I just love love that big tree! :)


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