Pinar and Michael have the cutest story.  They met in Las Vegas while Pinar was living there and it was love at first sight.  Instant chemistry.  Unfortunately, Pinar had already bought a one way ticket home to Turkey for 3 months later.  She thought it was so sad that she met the perfect man and then leave so soon.  After being back in Turkey for a few months, Michael asks her to meet him in Rome.  While there, he proposes!  She says yes!  …but she still lives in Turkey & he in the US.  Another few months go by and Michael surprises her in Turkey.  He literally swept her off her feet and took her back to the US!   They are seriously so so cute together and SO in love.  Just look at the way they look at each other…



I love this stairway!  Such pretty colors!



…and a random jogger that ran between us.


so sweet together, right?  There were moments where she would just squeal, “I’m so in love with this man!”



So on their first date, they went on a cruise.  Michael brought along a backgammon board just in case there was nothing to do.  Little did he know, Pinar has grown up playing backgammon all her life!  Pinar beat him in that first game.  He claims her winning streak is over.  She says she’s still undefeated.  I just think it’s cute.  :)


Above is a detail shot of the beautiful backgammon/checker board she got from Turkey.  Designs are made from mother-of-pearls and gold-plated metal.  Look at how they “crimped” the wire on the checker board!  I don’t play, but I want one just because it’s so beautiful!


And above is the house “trophy”.  It has the scores from their last game, which has him as the winner.  I love how proud Michael looks and how Pinar looks like, “oh please.”


A quick game?



But in the end, it’s really just all fun and games, right?


We then headed down for a walk on the beach.  They live just a few blocks from here.


Their little thing is “I love you… plus 50.”  I thought that was funny because Jonathan and I actually do that too, but only “plus one.”  or two.  lol.



We picked up this cool pinwheel at a kite store on the pier.  It’s now going into their garden!


Beautiful night, wasn’t it?  And this last photo just makes me giggle.  :D


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  1. Lots of great photos as usual but creatively that last one takes the cake for me. They looks super cartoon-y and cute. Did you plan that shot by any chance?

  2. Oh my word, these two are so cute! I love the way you captured their personality so well, Caroline; I want to go out for coffee with them now!

  3. this is so awesome!
    would it be possible for me to know the price range for your photoshoot? i love the way you describe their love! you’re great, caroline!


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