Sue and Ben are just the cutest.  I love how they laugh together and how much they adore each other.  They contacted me about shooting their wedding, but I was already booked.   Lucky for me, I still get to be part of this journey by getting to document their engagement period!

Doesn’t she have the most beautiful smile?  Her gorgeous hair & makeup was done by Elaine Chou.

I LOVE her dress!  I could never pull it off, but I wish I could!

I love her hair.  I love her red nail polish.

And then a quick outfit change as we caught the last bit of sunset.

I love all the dried wheat grass!  Super itchy though, but so worth it!

I love how sunset looks different throughout the year.  We got a pretty pink/blue combo!

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  1. Aw sooo cute!!! So what do you do then when you’re already fully booked? Do you ever recommend people to another associate wedding photographer, or just send them on their way? I’ve always just wondered what kind of practice would be best. Thanks!

  2. What a stunning session! Love every shot. Beautiful couple. And I’m dying to know where this was, gotta love old buildings like that! :)

  3. i don’t usually comment but this session is GORGEOUS! it might have something to do with an especially good looking couple (and super stylish outfits/jewelry) but it’s a beautiful session… and i love the last sunset. beautiful.

  4. such a great session caroline!! sorry that Ben is the backdrop to the gorgeous Sue (bet he’s used to it0 but she is phenomenal! I love all the things you love…..her hair, her red nailpolish, the way she can wear that dress. stunning!


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