It’s an amazing feeling to watch a family grow.   You may remember the Oh family from their first maternity shoot, to Roman’s newborn, 100th day, and one year portrait.  They actually recently delivered a healthy boy, Grant.  As I was shooting this second maternity session, I thought back to their first maternity session and I felt so special that I got to see them through these milestones.  They’re still the same giggly couple, but I could also see how much they have grown.  I feel like their growth parallels my growth since they have been with me since day 1 of this business.  Needless to say, they are a very special family to me.


I love that photo above of Roman.  It just makes me laugh.  And I love his “skinny” jeans, that are still baggy on him.



This next photo is one of my favs.  I think it was his first time seeing a dandelion so the first thing he did was smelled it!  I guess that’s better than trying to eat it.  haha.


Just like her first pregnancy, Grace just glowed.  She carries the bump so beautifully.


Roman already warming up to his little brother:





And I just love this next father-son moment:



I don’t remember what got him so excited, but it was hilarious:


And then he was tickling himself with the weeds:



Congrats to the Oh family on their new addition.  I can’t wait to meet Grant!

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  1. I think this session has now changed up my list of my fave sessions you’ve done! So, so sweet. He’s such a cutie and love the contrast of their gray clothes with the green fields. Just lovely!!

  2. Simply adorable Caroline! I agree with jenny’s post… your blog entries brighten my day. Thank you for sharing.

  3. oh me oh my, this is a stunning shoot!!! my favorite ones are the candid ones with the little boy laughing, so sweet!! the one of him hugging his new little sibling in mommy’s belly is soo adorable!

  4. Woot ! I’m the first one to post ( yay!) I hope I look as good as Mrs. Oh when I have my 2nd kid. That women can take care of herself ! Roman is too funny , and you have the talent of capturing kids well ! You brighten my day Caroline, when work is busy and life is hard :)

  5. oh my word Roman is SO cute, I want him!!!! The peek a boo shots and the one of him kissing his mum’s tummy is to die for!

    Great images Caroline!!

  6. Love love love the reflection shot and the shadow shot!!! Something about both of those moments is just so sweet and artistic! Those would look great hanging on a wall.


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