one year baby portraits | audrey

Are you ready to have your heart melt??  My heart totally melted when I first met baby Audrey!  Mom & Dad contacted me about shooting her first birthday portraits.  As we brainstormed, one story inspired me.  While mommy was pregnant with Audrey, she had major cravings for watermelons!  She ate so much of it that people actually started nicknaming her watermelon!  A watermelon patch was our original idea, but where do you find a watermelon patch in LA??  So we improvised and I LOVE the results!!!  I love her eyes & expression in that first image!  And that she’s eating the rind!

Having her naked wasn’t the plan, but as mom was changing Audrey, I just loved the contrast!  Plus I just love naked babies.  You can only get away with it up to a certain age, so why not take advantage while you can!

These will be displayed at her first birthday party, but can you imagine these in her wedding slideshow???  I can just hear the guests awing and laughing already!  I LOVE her expression and how she eats with her toes curled and foot in the air:

And how can you have a little girl and not put her in a tutu?!

This cracks me up!!!  “Here I come!”

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