Back in college, Donna attended a party… as fate would have it, Virgil was the DJ.  They’re both super fun loving and have great style.  For their engagement session, the best way I could think of to bring out their bubbly personalities is lots of color.  We met halfway in Orange County for their session and had so much fun together and endless laughs.  I can’t wait for their big day in San Diego!   Technical note about this session, I shot part of it in film.  Can you identify which photo was taken in film and which in digital?  I processed my digital like how I normally do and my film is how I got it from the lab.  I didn’t try to match them, so I think it should be easy to identify.



One of my favorite giggly photos ever:



So many pretty colors!


And since Virgil’s a DJ and had his headphones on him, I just had to do a few shots with them:


I’m so in love with the green vines + purple wall!




We found this cassette tape stuck on a wall.  They both got a kick out of identifying it… but I forgot what it was already.  I’d love it if one of you can remind me what it is, just for kicks.  A nice coincidence since they’re both so into music.


They each brought an item that represented them.  Virgil brought his headphones and Donna came with a big blue balloon.


Check out the yellow flowers that are about to bloom!  I’m excited for wild flower season!




Aren’t they just so sweet?  And stylish too!


So were you able to identify which were taken in film and which in digital?  In my most recent rolls of film, I used 3/4 of the photos!  Getting better!  When shooting film,  I think it through more before clicking the shutter.  I’m trying to carry that habit over when shooting in digital too.

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  1. Wow, Caroline! Thanks for making us look gorgeous! Never doubted your skills but this is more than we expected. Our fam & friends LOOOOOVED them. BTW, the casette tape was “Ooh La La I Can’t Get Over You” by Perfect Gentlemen =) Took us a while to remember.

  2. I love them all esp.. the purple wall It’s soooooo cuuutttttttttteeeeee. Gorgeous couples & perfect couples. Can I have a copy (any pics r ok)?

  3. thanks everyone. i just shot more film at yesterday’s engagement session. i’m enjoying the change/challenge! so you’re right… field is where i shot film. however, not all the field shots were film. :)

  4. Ahh, I agree with everyone! I love the balloon and headphone shots and you definitely ARE the master of silhouette shots! I can’t wait for August!!! :D

  5. Another gorgeous session. You are so brave! I would be so nervous to use film for work! I do love the organic feeling of it though, like you can touch it and it’s physically there, not just pixels on the screen. I have tried but for the love of me I cannot see any diference, which ones are the film ones??? You’re going to tell us, right?!

  6. i think the wildflower landscape shots were in film and the purple wall setting was digital. love the contrast of the green vine on the wall by the way! and love her dress!

  7. I’m guessing that the last three panels before the silhouette shot are film? Your blog just makes me *happy* – love the beautiful pictures, beautiful colors, and you seriously just have the most gorgeous clients ever. The purple wall is just insane. Love it.

  8. I want to take a guess at the film photos too ! I think the ones in the field are by film, the last couple of images. Sooo lovely the way film comes out !!

  9. This last picture is absolutely stunning!! I love the use of the balloons and the purple wall in this e-session! The fun portraits you do are sooo neat too!

  10. These are looooovely. I think the ones with the purple wall are digital, and the ones with the balloons are definitely film. Gorgeous work either way! (film is so beautiful though)


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