Happy Monday!  Monday used to be my least favorite day of the week.  I think it was the many many years of associating Mondays with the end of the weekend and waking up early for school/work.  This year, I decided to change those feelings.  Mondays are now ME days.  If I can help it, I schedule nothing on Mondays.  I lounge around and watch this little guy sleep.  This new outlook on Monday inspires me in other aspects of my life to find things I can do for myself to make life a little sweeter.  There’s a lot in life that I can’t control, so I need to make the most of what little bit I can.

p.s. this was taken a month ago in Hawaii.  Seeing Cameron’s hair here confirms that he is shedding his baby hair.  There’s hair all over his sheets.  …I am shedding like crazy too.

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  1. He’s shedding and his head is growing. I didn’t find out til baby number 2 that their heads grow so fast that hair follicles can’t keep up.

    Cameron’s a cutie!


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