Becoming a family’s photographer is one of the greatest honor.  I photographed Yung’s brother’s wedding last year at the Julia Morgan Ballroom, so it was really special to see Yung again… engaged!  As his best man described him, “He does not have one serious bone in him.”  As I planned this shoot with Susan, we knew we had to make it fun and incorporate their doggy.

Is that not the sweetest yorkie ever?

Susan brought these thought bubble chalk boards, so I asked them to secretively write an adjective that describes how they’re feeling about the upcoming wedding day.  This is a comical outtake:

How all engagement shoots should be, carefree:

Yummy flare on film:

I love the motion in this next image:

And a little playful chase… what I think all relationships should constantly have… both ways.

Stay tuned for their beautiful wedding!

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