A few weeks ago, I flew up to SF for just a day.  Literally flew in that afternoon and left that night.  In those short hours, I was able to enjoy two delicious meals, and shoot this beautiful couple!  I met Christine & Vinson (in person together) at this couple‘s lovely wedding (photos coming, btw!).  You could immediately see how much they adore each other, and just how strong and natural their chemistry is.  Originally, we were going to shoot in LA, but I’m glad we changed plans and shot in SF!  Christine went to grad school in SF and that’s where they met.  Meet Christine and Vinson:

Don’t let the sun fool you, it was actually freezing!!!  LA was in the 90s when I left it.  And if I remember correctly, it was 60 where we shot.  Might not sound cold to some of you, but my LA skin is thin!  lol.  Even though they freezing, you couldn’t tell in the photos!  Thank you for being such troopers!

One of my favorite settings ever:

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!  This is just the beginning of an amazing journey!   Thank you for allowing me the honor of documenting the start of this chapter!

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  1. ooooooh i wish i knew of that place when i visited sanfo! :)
    love it soooo much! well, it’s because i always love your work Caroline! thank you for being an inspiration! xxx

  2. love the colors, especially the one of the couple w/ the trees in the background. was this how the shot came out directly from camera or was some post processing done?


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