santa monica engagement photography | selly + joon


Happy Monday, all!  I thought I’d kick off the week with a fun engagement session.  I especially love the processing in this session.  Take a look and let me know if you notice a difference!  So Selly and Joon met in the dorms at UCLA.  It was all fun when they first met and the fun has not stopped since!  It had been rainy in LA but the skies cleared for our shoot and we had perfect LA sunny weather.  I had so much fun shooting on a carousel in Disneyland last year that I’ve been wanting to do it again.  Selly and Joon were the perfect couple for a little amusement park fun!



Aren’t they just so cute?  I love how pretty & classic the horses are on this carousel.



Selly saw that UCLA soccer ball coming in and wanted it.  You have to make 2 baskets to win it, but Joon said he wasn’t good at basketball.  The guy running the game wouldn’t let us just pose with the ball, so Joon played one game.  Keep reading to see if he wins…


And then one of my most memorable moments on a shoot.  I went on this green seahorse thing with them.  I haven’t been on a rollercoaster type ride in forever.  I used to love it when I was younger, so I must be getting old.  I braved it and went on this ride with them.  OMG my knees were literally shaking!  I love this shot that Jonathan got from the ground!  Cropped & processed by me, but I love this shot he got!  He actually got shots of me freaking out too, but I’ll spare you of those.  haha.


But even while I almost peed in my pants, I still got some fun shots of them on the ride.  They were having a blast watching me freak out.  haha.


Remember that basketball game I told you about?  Well, Joon made both baskets!





Selly brought these cute mugs with their initials from Anthropologie.




I LOVE her hair piece and little belt from J.Crew.




We then headed down to the beach to catch the sunset.



I love how soft and romantic everything looked.  She looked like a mermaid who came up to see her prince!  Am I cheesy?  lol.  I just love how beachy, yet elegant, she looks.



And the beautiful sunset & sky.  I love how I can shoot sunsets at the same location over and over and they’ll never look the same.


Notice the difference in my processing?  What do you think?  Still has my style but looks a little different?  I hope so!  No action(s) should make/define your style.  Your style cannot be bought – if it can be purchased, then it’s not your unique style.  But actions can help enhance your photo, especially if you’re not as fluent with Photoshop like me.  I like to get things right in camera first, and then give it a little dreaminess in Photoshop after.  You can see from my previous post about Nikon to see how my images look straight out of camera.  (note: with Canon, I usually do color correcting, but with that Nikon post, most (if not all) was straight out of camera.)

Every photo in this set was processed with The Shoppe – Design for Photographers.  They’re super easy to use.  I don’t really know Photoshop at all, but these were very user friendly.  The unique thing about The Shoppe is that there are constantly new products!   You can either purchase things a la carte, or subscribe and have unlimited downloads! I’m slowly playing with them all and will keep you up to date with what I find.  Use the code: caroline20 to enjoy 20% off your purchase on the Nostalgia Actions and Blend!

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